So it goes …

Thanks to all from Ellen, Marg, photo of Lisa, Teresa & Paul.


The Book Vault Inc. – We are history!


In the beginning…

The Book Vault Inc. was established in 1986 by Al Coleman, in the basement of the Festival Square Mall at 10 Downie Street. To start with, The Book Vault Inc. was a comic shop with used books.


Paul Strathdee bought in as a 50/50 partner in 1989 and in 1991, the two business partners decided to move the store to this bright and busy location on Ontario Street. At this time, they also decided to upgrade to new books, comics and graphic novels.


In 1992, Al decided to sell his share of the business, and Lisa Kane bought in and became Paul’s new business partner (Lisa was also Paul’s niece). The Book Vault was now a family business.


A family business…

Lisa especially enjoyed serving customers at the counter, working on book orders and tracking down special orders for people. The Book Vault Inc. was Lisa’s pride and joy and she was looking forward to the plan of buying out Paul and taking over complete ownership of the business herself, in the not-too-distant future.


However, tragedy struck in 2009 when Lisa, at the age of 35, suddenly and unexpectedly died of a blood infection. We were devastated, and the future of the book store at that time was completely unknown.

Day by day, the store remained open, operating without Lisa – and here we are five years later.



In order to survive the “hostile” retail environment, our anti-social owner adopted an alter ego on facebook. THE HULK took up residence as the Book Vault’s new front man. The locals are familiar with Paul’s grumpiness and “ill health”, while the tourists are alternately amused, confused or disturbed.



The end…

In the fall of 2013, we received news from our landlord that they needed to expand their offices into this location.


Moving to another location did not seem feasible considering the time, energy, trouble and expense it would take to relocate a business in a faltering industry. Everyone is aware of the effect of online sales and e-books on independent booksellers.


When we weighed all these factors, our direction was clear – we decided to quietly start liquidating our inventory and wind down the business. Nothing lasts forever, and it was time for us to move on. Retirement was calling after 28 years. Yay!



The Book Vault Inc.

1986 – 2014

End of an era!


You can continue to follow “THE HULK” on

The Book Vault Inc. facebook page.


You can reach us through our website at



A sincere thank you to our dedicated local customers and our out of town visitors for your decades of support!


What’s Next for Us?


Paul is going to lie on a hammock in the back yard for the next 40 years (yeah, right LOL)


Teresa hopes to do some travelling and take some courses.


Marg has retired before… we’ll see if it sticks this time… what with the gardening, grandchildren, cooking, canoeing, hiking, and reading….


Ellen plans on riding some horses, riding her bike, continuing her photography (focusing on affordable rates for weddings). You can find her on Facebook at Ellen Kelly Photography. She also wants to start an Etsy store for her creative work (art and jewelry), and moving her career along until she, too, can afford to retire.




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