REPAIR OUR AIR – Turn off vehicle engines – Idling By-law 133-2001


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Idling and Air Quality
The goal of this By-law is to improve air quality and respiratory health. Contaminates from vehicle exhaust are major contributors to deteriorating air quality in Stratford. Studies by Health Canada and other agencies link a number of contaminates from vehicle emissions to significant respiratory health effects.

By-law Purpose
The By-law is intended to reduce unnecessary idling in the City. It limits idling to no more than 5 consecutive minutes. the by-law allows transit vehicles to idle when picking up or discharging passengers and allows limited idling when transit vehicles are waiting for passengers. The By-law also allows private transit vehicles equipped with air-conditioning systems to idle for 10 minutes to bring the temperature to a tolerable level for passengers. As well, the By-law provides for idling during extreme outdoor temperatures to ensure heating or cooling inside a vehicle.

How is the By-law enforced?
It is the City’s intention to achieve compliance through voluntary measures. However, the By-law stipulates a fine of up to a maximum of $5000.00 for infractions. City By-law Enforcement Officers will carry out enforcement. Contact By-law Enforcement at 519-271-0250, ext. 200 or 327.

Why should we reduce unnecessary idling?
There are known environmental impacts and economic costs associated with vehicle emissions. Motor vehicles and related activities are the major sources of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, suspended particles and volatile organic compounds in the City. Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds are the two main substances involved in the formation of ozone, a component of smog.

Ozone and suspended particles are included in the group of chemicals associated with significant respiratory health effects and hospital admissions.

Economic costs and operational impacts.

It has been estimated that idling wastes 3% of Ontario’s fuel. Lubricant contamination occurs from excessive idling.

Alternatives to unnecessary idling

From a cold start, it is better to warm up an engine by driving it rather than idling. Warm up times are reduced to half and fuel consumption is reduced. If you are concerned about turning off your engine because you may have trouble restarting it, a well-maintained starter system and engine is a better alternative than idling.

Repair Our Air – turn off your vehicle engine

A copy of the City’s idling By-law 133-2001 is available on the City’s website at or can be obtained by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 519-271-0250 ext. 237 during business hours. For By-law Enforcement, contact By-law Enforcement at 519-271-0250, ext. 200 or 327.

Credit – The Beacon Herald – Stratford Town Crier, Saturday, June 1, 2013

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