Painting By Numbers Sets


Painting by Numbers is a great way for all aspiring artists to get started!  The Book Vault carries a large selection of Paint by Number kits for grown-ups (suggested age is 8+).

The kits contain everything you need to create your own masterpiece – the scene is pre-printed on the board along with the paint numbers, and the acrylic paint, brush and instructions for the project are included.  A colour image of the completed painting is on the front of the kit to help you select a project that will excite and inspire you.

Here is a link to view some examples of the paint by numbers kits we offer: Adult Paint by Numbers

What do I have to do to Paint By Numbers?

Here are some tips:

A) Take your time! There is no rush!
B) Choose one number/colour and complete all sections that coincide with this number/colour first.
C) Wait for one section to dry before moving on to the next – or just be careful not to smudge what you’ve already painted.
D) Move from the top of the painting to the bottom.
E) Rinse off the brush between each colour.

and Voilà – watch your masterpiece take shape…

These kits contain everything you need to UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST TODAY!

No mail orders … In-store sales only

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