New Books and New Books Only …

Inside The Book Vault Inc. in Stratford, Ontario.




BOOK VAULT  -  As a privately owned independent business, we are able to select and sell books that are, perhaps, not the usual offering that you would find in other book stores.

          We have a variety of new books including:
        • New Releases – new titles, often receiving publicity
        • Best Sellers – our shop’s best sellers, as well as the nationally-listed  best sellers.  These two lists can be very different!
        • Publisher Clearance Sale Books – these are new books purchased from publishers as their overstock – also referred to as “Remainders”.


A note about “Remainders” – because they are clearance books, quantities are usually limited, and they cannot be reordered.  When we’re sold out, that’s the end of that title for us at clearance pricing!  Our selection of “sale books” is constantly changing, and there is no inventory of our books on this website.  The old adage applies – “He who hesitates, is lost”.


Our specialties are HISTORY, FICTION, and COOKBOOKS.  We have a very comprehensive TRAVEL GUIDE section as well.


We invite you to drop in and look around – you might be surprised!

No mail orders … In-store sales only

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