Meet Your Neighbour: The Wee Book and Photo Shop


This unique new Downtown business named The Wee Book and Photo Shop is nestled at 15 York Street.

Co-owners Maureen Cook and Suzanne Fitzpatrick have turned their passions into this new and exciting business. Suzanne, an award winning photographer with over 25 years of experience in portrait photography and Maureen’s passion for vintage clothing, hats and books. They combined their talents and created The Wee Book and Photo Shop. You can peruse a selection of terrific books, then hop on into the costume area where you can try on some vintage outfits and get a portrait done against a hand painted backdrop for as low as $35. They also have a large format printer and can print up to 44″ wide onsite. Suzanne can perform photo restoration, bring in your precious memories and have them brought back to life. Also, other photographers who wish to have their artwork printed are welcome to come in. They can print on canvas and other fine art papers. The Wee Book and Photo Shop also carries a selection of vintage watches, unique jewellery and “Wee Book” jewellery.

The Wee Book and Photo Shop on Facebook

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