Meet our neighbours – Stratford Accelerator Centre


For the past century, Stratford has been well-known particularly for its arts and theatre lifestyle, especially since the inception of its Shakespeare Festival Theatre. However, quite recently the city has seen its home rapidly become a blossoming technology culture, making the shortlist as one of the ICF’s smartest communities three years in a row, with–among other advancements– the installation of the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Campus and now the Stratford Accelerator Centre located on Wellington Street.

Opening up their doors for the official Grand Opening on May 9th, the SAC’s Shane Pegg, Director of Strategic, and Office Manager Joanne Schmidt are excited to be in Stratford to finally have the chance to show the community what local entrepreneurs are creating!

Although Shane and Joanne have led different paths leading up to joining the SAC, both have extended roots in Stratford as well as a diverse work history.

Shane worked for Blackberry in Waterloo for many years before joining the SAC late last year. Although Shane was born and raised just outside of Wingham in the town of Bluevale, Shane happily visited Stratford regularly during his childhood, since his mother and grandparents were born and raised here.

“I appreciate the strong, supportive community in Stratford,” Shane explains, “I’m excited to be part of the Stratford Accelerator Centre and to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs!”

Joanne, who lives and was raised in Stratford, has an Office Administration background combined with 15 years experience within the Stratford community.

“I’m excited to work with new and existing Stratford Accelerator clients,” says Joanne. “So stop by and say hi!”

So when you get the chance take Joanne’s advice, and stop by the Stratford Accelerator Centre to meet her and Shane as well as the other great clients and entrepreneurs!

Stratford Gazette, May 16, 2013.

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