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Closing Permanently Sunday, August 17, 2014.



Retirement Beckons!  After 28 years, The Book Vault Inc. is closing its doors for the last time.

Yep, closing permanently.  The owners and employees are ready for a change – the time is right to wrap it up!

Three cheers for almost 3 decades – a good run – hip hip hooray!

To our dedicated customers, thank you for supporting our local independent business.

You helped us:

  • provide up to 6 jobs each year

  • pay business taxes locally

  • donate to local charities

  • support other local businesses

  • draw shoppers from across Southern Ontario to beautiful Stratford

  • add to the liveliness and vitality of our community

To our regular and occasional customers alike, many thanks for 28 years of support!

The Book Vault Inc. 1986 – 2014. The end.
PS. The HULK will continue to entertain and/or harass willing victims on The Book Vault Inc. facebook page. See you there!

Attention Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers – the puzzles have moved!

"Under New Ownership" is a 500 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill.

“Under New Ownership” is a 500 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill.


Our 1000+ beloved jigsaw puzzles have found a new home in Stratford!

Their new location is:

Video Plus Books

714 Ontario Street, Stratford (near Swiss Chalet)


or visit the VPB website at:  videoplusbooks.ca

Thanks to our friends at VPB for giving the puzzles a new home!



 Knitter's Delight - 1000 Piece


We are striving to become the BIGGEST retailer of jigsaw puzzles in Southwestern Ontario. Currently, we carry OVER  1200  DIFFERENT PUZZLES with new puzzles arriving every month! We have recently added a large selection of Ravensburger puzzles to our line of top quality puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great social / family activity or gift! Come and check us out!

Our puzzles range from 10 piece tray puzzles to 3000 piece challenges.  Themes for puzzles include Kids (tray, floor & table puzzles), “Create Your Own” and Colouring puzzles, Fanciful Food, Collage, Landscapes, Nature (animals, birds, wildlife), Hobby & Craft, Transportation, Fable & Fantasy, Fine Art (Classic and Canadian), Coca Cola, Religious, Educational, Seasonal, Christmas, Easy Handling (larger pieces), 36 piece Alzheimer puzzles, and the ever popular Family puzzles (various piece size). For anyone looking for an extra challenge, we also carry a good selection of brainteasing WASGIJ puzzles – you have to use your imagination to solve the puzzle from the hints you get from the image on the box!

Below is a list of our favourite puzzle companies, and we stock a large selection of puzzles from each company. The inventory for each company can be found by clicking on the links listed below.  And if we don’t have it in stock, we can certainly order it for you on our next shipment!

Please note that the prices listed on the external websites do not apply – call us for price details.



No mail orders … In-store sales only


Note: If you are not able to visit our store, but would like to order puzzles by mail, we recommend you try placing your orders directly with the manufacturers – just use the links listed above. Details for setting up your own account can be found on their websites. Happy online shopping!


2014 Cobble Hill Puzzles have arrived!

Rufous Hummingbird is a 500 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill.   Available at The Book Vault Inc., Stratford, ON.

Rufous Hummingbird is a 500 piece puzzle by
Cobble Hill.
Available at The Book Vault Inc., Stratford, ON.


The new release puzzles from our favourite puzzle company are here!  Over 60 new and stunning puzzles of all sizes and themes are here and on display to cheer us all up as we endure the winter-that-just-won’t-end-soon-enough.

See you soon!

Make Your Own Puzzle



12 piece post card size puzzle.

Cobble Hill offers Create-Your-Own puzzles which are available in three sizes. These make great personalized keepsakes and gifts. We suggest using them in place of greeting cards. By adding your own greeting, and getting all well-wishers to sign them with a personalized message, you can create a truly memorable gift. They also make a wonderful sit-down activity for children, who can add their own artwork using crayons, markers, or their hand prints.

The Book Vault offers these in a 12 piece 5″x7″, a 20 piece 10″x14″, a two pack of 10″x14″ puzzles that come with a set of 24 crayons, and large 72 piece which measures 15″x21″. Our resident Skrappy will avow for the all around hoot she had while putting the artwork for two pictured puzzles together.


70 piece Create-Your-Own Puzzle.


Cobble Hill Puzzles – how to make quality puzzles

Published on Apr 9, 2013

The Jigsaw “Puzzle Maker”, Allegra Vernon, shares her secrets of how to make a quality jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are not magically transformed from image to pieces simply by sending a pretty image to the cutting press. From discovering quality workmanship, to cleaning the images, using random cut engineering, and the attention to details it takes a lot of work to turn images into crisp, vibrant jigsaw puzzles and that includes making the box look good!

Made in North America, Cobble Hill Puzzle Company produces quality jigsaws that are sold through independent retailers worldwide and also with online jigsaw puzzle retailers.

The jigsaw puzzle was originally created in 1760 by John Spillsbury, a London mapmaker. To cut an image that was painted on wood, he used a tool known as a jigsaw or jig saw; thus the name!

Cobble Hill’s most popular piece count is our 1000 piece puzzle. However, we produce piece counts from 60 piece kids puzzles to adult puzzles with 2000 pieces. In the video, Allegra speaks about unique offerings which include, “Easy Handling Puzzles” (275 large pieces) and “Family Puzzles” (400 small, medium, and large sized pieces) as well as how quality puzzles are made.

Shop with us online for your next jigsaw puzzle: Cobble Hill Puzzles or visit The Book Vault Inc. in beautiful Stratford, Ontario.

Copyright Outset Media 2013

The Book Vault Inc. in Stratford, Ontario is pleased to carry the full selection of Cobble Hill Puzzles in stock at all times.

New Ravensburger Puzzles in Stock!!!

We are pleased to announce we have received a new shipment of Ravensburger puzzles!



Varying from 300-2000 pieces, we now have over 40 Ravensburger puzzles in stock! Ravensburger is a German game company and market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market.

  • Known throughout the world for their excellence in creating educational games and puzzles
  • Their Blue Triangle is found on nearly 20 million products worldwide and is a sign of the outstanding product quality
  • Inspires creativity, learning, and a whole lot of fun for children, adults and families alike




Springbok Puzzle “Thingies” now in stock!



Thingies are 60 piece, round, jigsaw puzzles with a finished diameter of 7″. Each Thingie has a hidden quote in the unique and vibrant designs by the artist Sandy Miller. Originally released in 1967, some of the original Thingies are back, along with a few new designs. We hope that you enjoy these little bundles of fun, either as a quick puzzle, or a gift to someone special.


Wasgij Puzzles now in stock!


Wasgij is the brainteaser puzzle brand that is unlike traditional jigsaws where you are puzzling the image printed on the box! Wasgij is the puzzle brand that asks you to use your imagination and the clues provided to piece together a completely different image. There are 3 different kinds:
1. Wasgij Original puzzles is the “what are they looking at?” puzzle concept. You have to use your imagination to piece together what the character in the scene printed on the box is looking at.

2. Wasgij Mystery is the “what happens next?” puzzle concept. You have to use your imagination to piece together what will happen next to the characters in the image printed on the box.

3. Wasgij Destiny is the “time travelling” puzzle concept. You have to use your imagination to piece together what the characters and the scene in the image printed on the box will look like in the future.

For more information please visit: Wasgij Puzzles




“Create Your Own Puzzle”

Cobble Hill Puzzle Compay of Victoria, BC has come out with another unique puzzle product.

“Create Your Own Puzzle”  is a fun, new way to enjoy jigsaw puzzles: 

These are puzzles are the ultimate craft keepsake.  Now little artists have a vast canvas to cover with their imaginations and a puzzle to play with when they are done.  Cobble Hill high quality pieces are thick and durable, so the puzzles can be assembled over-and-over again.  They build puzzles to last!!!  For ages 3 and up.

Cobble Hill puzzles are made in North America.  They use environmentally friendly inks and 100% recycled fibers.

“Create Your Own Puzzles” come in 3 formats:

"Create Your Own Puzzle" is a 10" x 14" tray puzzle with crayons.

“Create Your Own Puzzle” is a 10″ x 14″, 35 piece tray puzzle with crayons.


You have several choices of blank, assembled tray puzzles that are ready for the young puzzle artist to draw and colour their own creation:

  • one 10 ” x  14″, 35 piece tray puzzle for $4.99
  • two 10″ x 14″, 35 piece tray puzzles with 24 crayons included (pictured above) for $11.99
  • a cute 5″ x 7″, 12 piece postcard size tray puzzle for $1.99


"Create Your Own Floor Puzzle" is a 36 large piece floor puzzle measuring 2 ft. x 3 ft.

“Create Your Own Floor Puzzle” is a 36 large piece floor puzzle measuring 2 ft. x 3 ft.


At a size measuring 2 feet x 3 feet, “Create Your Own Floor Puzzle” is just what it sounds like – a 36 large piece blank puzzle that you piece together and then start drawing and colouring as the inspiration bursts forward.  And these floor puzzles are double-sided for twice the fun!



“Coloring Puzzles” are a box set of 3 24-piece puzzles – just assemble and these durable puzzles are ready to
colour any way you like!



Coloring Puzzles are white puzzles with a line drawing sketched on the puzzle.  The box contains 3 24-piece puzzles ready to assemble and colour however you wish.  The puzzles come in a Nature, Dinosaur, or Fairy Tale Princess themes.  These puzzles are lots of fun for ages 4 +



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